We always prefer glass to plastic, especially when we are formulating product for at home use. Some essential oils an herbs are known to eat through plastic overtime. This can cause the product to be less effective, lose scent and potentially become less therapeutic in nature.

Our products are 100% natural and have only naturally occurring preservatives. To extend shelf life we recommend storing your product in a cool dark location. Some ingredients are more volatile than others and are preserved better in dark bottles to maximize their freshness.

Unlike products that sit in your bathroom or at home for several weeks or months, travel sizes tend to be used quicker and are, therefore, less susceptible to natural decay. We will, on occasion, use a PET plastic bottle for product that is better off squeezed from a bottle or on small travel sizes for convenience.

While all of our products are 100% pure and natural, we cannot say they are 100% organic because not every supplier has been certified Organic. This is a very extensive and expensive process. In other cases, some of the essential oils we use do not come in organic form but are still pure enough for clinical and therapeutic use.

By law, we are required to have the FDA warning on all our products. We utilize natural ingredients which are known to have therapeutic and medicinal properties. However, we are not doctors, physicians or in a medical field. We cannot, and do not, diagnose, cure or prevent disease. We simply offer natural alternatives for everyday ailments.