Essential Oils & Pet Safety

As Aromatherapy because more accepted by the holistic industry, more consumers are reaching for their own bottles to use at home. People are getting more and more comfortable with using essential oils on their skin, in room diffusers, in baths and for therapeutic purposes. While they can be extremely beneficial and helpful to many, they can also be fatal 

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Determining Essential Oil Quality

The largest problem with essential oils is that there are so many on the market today. How do you determine what to buy? What is good for general use vs. therapeutic application? Does more expensive mean better? The information can be overwhelming and confusing. To give you a better idea of how to assess essential oils, 

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Burns Lavender works wonders on burns while preventing scarring! Apply several drops to cover the affected area (depending on the size of your injury) to decrease pain and jump start healing. I burned my hand on a frying pan pretty bad but I applied 3-4 drops of Lavender immediately and the result: no pain, swelling 

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What is an Apothecary?

History shows us that ancient methods of healing were in use for many hundreds of years. Depending on the local culture, a person seeking relief from illness would visit a medicine man, an herbalist, a shaman, or an apothecary. All were “healers” within their own societies, and they relied mostly on plants, clays, soils, minerals 

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Welcome to Lucie’s Apothecary

Our founder, Lucie Grimm, welcomes you to Lucie’s Apothecary from her “personal” apothecary – a place she goes to balance mind, body & spirit and connect to nature’s medicine.